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VMR-253 was reactivated at MCAS El Toro on 15 May 1951.  It was unique within the group for flying the Fairchild R4Q  rather than the Douglas R5D.  Its service duing the Korean War was performed Stateside.  On 16 August 1953 the squadron was detached from MAG-25, assigned directly to the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing.  Shortly thereafter the bulk of the squadron (approximately two thirds of its assigned personnel) deployed to Itami Air Force Base, arriving on 21 August 1953, where it participated in the post-armistice airlift.

Commanding Officers:

Lt.Col. Edward J. Doyle, 15 May 1951 - 22 July 1952

Lt.Col. Carl J. Fleps, 22 July 1952 - 16 August 1953*

*Continued in command after the separation from MAG-25.

Post-WWII squadron insignia of VMR-253
Post-WWII Squadron Insignia
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