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During World War II, MAG-25 was equipped with the Douglas R4D, which the Marines dubbed the "Flying Boxcar."  All of these were procured, either directly or indirectly, through U.S. Army C-47 contracts.  Late in the war the unit began receiving larger Curtiss R5C Commando transports.  

The USAAF Troop Carrier units attached to SCAT flew the C-47.  A general rule of thumb in identifying the otherwise identical SCAT aircraft is that C-47s retained their yellow serial numbers on their tails, while R4Ds typically had no visible markings other than a black, white/black, or white aircraft number.  USAAF aircraft also often had names or nose art, which was forbidden on Marine aircraft.  C-47s were typically fitted with carburetor dust filters, a rarity on Marine planes with only one known documented example.

Whether R4D or C-47, the aircraft of SCAT were relied upon to carry priority cargo (often overloaded) across vast ocean distances to forward airfields in support of combat forces.  

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