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MAG-25 was a mix of Marine Corps and Navy personnel.  Many of its wartime personnel were reservists, including the original nucleus of the group, who had been peacetime airline pilots.  Pre-war reservists and Marine regulars were soon joined by personnel who had signed up after the Pearl Harbor attack.  By the end of 1943 many flight crews were young, and most had never operated an airplane before joining the Navy or Marine Corps.  In addition to the air crews, MAG-25 relied upon a talented group of ground crews, and medical and administrative personnel, without whom the group's operations would not have been possible.

Attached to MAG-25 during the Guadalcanal Campaign was the 13th Troop Carrier Squadron of the USAAF.  With the creation of SCAT in late 1942, the 13th TCS and other USAAF units were subordinated to SCAT rather than directly to MAG-25.  MAG-25 remained the core of SCAT, however, with its senior officer serving as SCAT commanding officer throughout SCAT's existence.  

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