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VMR-152 remained in active service after MAG-25 was decommissioned, still operating out of MCAS El Toro.  It was assigned to newly recommissioned MAG-25 (Provisional) on 1 February 1950.  For most of the Korean War VMR-152 was split into three components: a Supply Echelon operating from El Toro, an Administrative or Rear Echelon operating from NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii, and a Forward Echelon operating from Itami Air Force Base, Japan. 


The Forward Echelon was originally activated as Sub-Unit 1 on 29 July 1950, which deployed from El Toro to Barbers Point.  Personnel of Sub-Unit 1 began deploying to Itami beginning in October 1950.  On 5 November 1950 the Forward Echelon at Itami was officially activated as Sub-Unit 2, whereupon Sub-Unit 1 at Barbers Point became the Administrative Echelon.


The squadron's aircraft were divided between the Administrative and Forward Echelons, with the former generally flying routes between Hawaii and Japan and the latter responsible for routes between Japan and Korea.  The 1st Marine Aircraft Wing had direct operational control over the squadron's Forward Echelon when it was deployed to East Asia, except when the 1st MAW granted control of the squadron to the Combat Cargo Command of the U.S. Far East Air Force, as it did during October-December 1950.  The Commander, Fleet Logistics Air Wing, Pacific, had direct operational control over the Administrative Echelon, and occasionally also the Forward Echelon during periods when it, too, was engaged in trans-Pacific flights.  Both echelons were sometimes called upon to airlift Marines and cargo from the West Coast.  

VMR-152's Forward Echelon first arrived at Itami during October 6-9, 1950, and participated in nine of the ten wartime campaigns recognized by the U.S. Navy (for details, click here).  It provided direct support to both the 1st MAW and the 1st Marine Division in Korea. 

Commanding Officers*:

Col. Zebulon C. Hopkins, 1 February - 14 July 1950

Col. Deane C. Roberts, 15 July 1950 - 14 July 1951

Lt.Col. John S. Carter (acting), July - August 1951

Col. William B. Steiner, 1 August 1951 - 17 May 1952

Col. Millard T. Shepard, 18 May - 19 September 1952

Col. Donald E. Huey, 20 September 1952 - 10 July 1953

Col. Warren E. Sweetser, Jr., 11 July 1953 - 27 July 1954**

*In part due to the fragmented nature of the squadron during this period, squadron commanding officers were frequently detached for temporary duty, while squadron executive officers and other more junior officers frequently held acting command.


**Continued in command beyond the Korean War period. 

Post-WWII squadron insignia of VMR-152
Post-WWII Squadron Insignia
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