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VMJ-253 formed at Ewa, Hawaii, on 11 March 1942, and was assigned to MAG-25 on 1 June 1942.  It was the first Marine utility squadron to deploy, arriving in New Caledonia on 1 September 1942 and flying its first missions to Guadalcanal two days later.  It was a founding component of SCAT.  On 15 June 1944 the squadron separated from MAG-25 and SCAT, joining the SCAT-patterned Transport Air Group (TAG) in the Central Pacific.  The squadron was reattached to MAG-25 at MCAS El Toro on 18 July 1946.

Commanding Officers:

Lt.Col. Perry K. Smith, 11 March - 31 May 1942

Maj. Harold A. Johnson, 1 June - 11 October 1942

Maj. Henry C. Lane, 12 October 1942 - 14 October 1943

Maj. Freeman H. Williams, 15 October - 3 November 1943

Maj. Douglas E. Keeler, 4 November 1943 - 23 January 1944

Maj. James F. Moran, 24 January (last squadron CO under SCAT)

Based in part on information contained in History of Marine Corps Aviation in World War II by Robert Sherrod (Washington, DC: Combat Forces Press, 1951).

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