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801st Medical Air Evacuation Transport Squadron

Originally the 801st Medical Squadron, Air Evacuation Transport, the 801st was the first Army aeromedical transport unit to deploy during World War II.  Its flight surgeons arrived overseas during the closing phase of the Guadalcanal Campaign, with its nurses and medical technicians following soon afterward.  On February 25, 1943, the 801st was attached to the 13th Troop Carrier Squadron. By extension it also became part of SCAT, providing flight surgeons, flight nurses, and surgical and medical technicians to aircraft within the combat zone.  On March 15, 1943, the SCAT Medical Department was organized with the 801st Medical Squadron as its nucleus.  On May 10, 1943, the 801st was redesignated as a Medical Air Evacuation Transport Squadron (MAETS).  The squadron served throughout the New Georgia and Bougainville Campaigns.  In July 1944 the 801st MAETS became the sole Army component of the "second SCAT," Solomons Combat Air Transport Command.  Although it does not appear that the 801st was officially attached to the new SCAT on paper, its working relationship with Marine Air Group 25 continued and its personnel continued to provide the bulk of SCAT's medical services.  The squadron also supplied some personnel to the USAAF's Air Transport Command (ATC), which had just taken over aeromedical evacuation in the rear area south of Guadalcanal but lacked adequate medical personnel.  On September 29, 1944, the 801st was redesignated a Medical Air Evacuation Squadron (MAES).  The squadron's last missions with SCAT took place on October 13-14, 1944, after which it was reassigned to the 5th Air Force.

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