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33rd Troop Carrier Squadron

A detachment of the 33rd Troop Carrier Squadron of the 374th Troop Carrier Group served alongside MAG-25 during the Guadalcanal Campaign.  Despite some reports to the contrary, the 33rd TCS was never a component of SCAT, nor does it appear to have ever been directly attached to MAG-25.  We have included it here because its valuable contributions and sacrifices during the Guadalcanal Campaign have been all but forgotten.  

Seven of the squadron's aircraft operated from New Caledonia from 25 October - 29 November 1942, under the First Island Air Command, flying the same types of missions as their MAG-25 counterparts.  During those operations the squadron lost at least two aircraft and one crew. 

C-47 41-18658 (possibly "Pack Rat")

8 Nov 1942

Believed lost to enemy ground fire on departure from Henderson Field; crashed at sea, crew MIA (Manila)

SSgt Ray Hensman, pilot

SSgt Robert Dillman, co-pilot

TSgt Albert Kirsch, flight engineer

Sgt Elwood Carlson, assistant flight engineer

Cpl. James Lamar, radio operator

C-47 41-18587 (possibly "Full House")

24 Nov 1942

Robert Carlson, pilot

Crashed into a truck on takeoff from Espiritu Santo.  The aircraft, loaded with grenades, was demolished, but the crew incredibly suffered no fatalities.  The truck driver was killed. Click here to visit the Pacific Wrecks entry for this aircraft, which gives the date of loss as 9 November.  The 24 November date is confirmed by the squadron war diary.

Capt. Gerald Wentworth, XO, Capt. Richard Bigger, Eng.O, and Capt. Robert Carlson, CO, in New Guinea in 1944.  The 33rd TCS served mainly in the Southwest Pacific Theater.
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