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13th Troop Carrier Squadron

The 13th TCS was the first USAAF transport unit to participate in the Guadalcanal Campaign, initially being directly attached to MAG-25.  It was a founding component of SCAT and remained a vital part of that unit until being detached on July 2, 1944.  The 13th TCS was subordinated to the 403rd Troop Carrier Group after it arrived in the South Pacific.  

For additional information about the "Thirsty Thirteenth," please visit 13th TCS historian Seth Washburne's page at

Seth's book is a gold mine of information, invaluable not just to those interested in the 13th TCS, but anyone interested in SCAT, South Pacific logistics, and the South Pacific air war as a whole, and is highly recommended.  To call the book "exhaustive" seems fair at first glance, but would fail to acknowledge the tremendous work that he has done since it was published--you can check out his excellent series of newsletters at the web site.

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